Victor believed that we are all born as artists. He took no pride in the possession of his natural-born abilities. He was humble.
Other artists would 
imitate his images and copy his compositions. This did not offend him. He felt flattered and honored; after all, "imitation is the fondest form of flattery". 
Victor did not believe in "gatekeeping" or excluding others from art. ART IS INCLUSIVE...and even the greatest muse would be bemused by whatever "fine art" is, and its definition still eludes me. 

Here is a list of "local" artists that I like and want to support. To add your info. to it, please "contact" with your links or usernames and send some samples. I look forward to seeing you demonstrate your crafts and practice your artistries. 

He's a big chip off the old block:

Angie Reed Garner paints socially insightful and politically conscious narratives of nature and our place within it:

Tracey Ippolito paints super-surrealistic spiritual-narrations:
The Art of Universalism - Buy Art: Paintings, Jewelry, Accessories, Books and other work

Literary Artist and "Recovery Mother": 
Bobbi Buchanan – Educator, Author, Mentor (

Allie Jensen is a non-objective artist specializing in line work that utilizes Complex Systems Theory:

A.P. to Print is a co-operative print shop in Louisville, KY that hosts monthly events. For details and schedule, visit: